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New Project

EMERALD: Explore, Manage, Edit, Reduce, and Analyze Large Datasets

We are working on an exciting new project! EMERALD is an open-source framework for managing, analyzing, and processing seismic event data.

EMERALD is being developed to solve three issues facing the seismic scientific community. First, the recent successes of large-scale seismic experiments including the EarthScope USArray have brought to the community an explosion of new data, to the point where many individual research projects now involve millions of seismic waveforms. Traditional file-based methods of processing begin to break down when subject to these large volumes of data; EMERALD will store the data and metadata in a PostgreSQL database capable of managing many millions of waveforms.

Second, seismic metadata such as instrument orientation, instrument response, station timing, and station location sometimes changes over the course of an experiment. Researchers typically get the metadata when they acquire the data for their experiment, and have no way of knowing if critical metadata has changed. EMERALD automatically checks in the background for metadata changes, and alerts the user to changes.

Third, because seismological data processing has traditionally been file-based, most seismologists develop their own unique directory structure and file naming convention. This hinders sharing of processing methods between researchers because the methods typically depend on the file and directory methods of the developer. The EMERALD database schema for storing and accessing seismic data will encourage sharing of seismic processing methods, and EMERALD is being developed for extensibility -- new processing methods can easily be added and will appear as menu items in the EMERALD user interface.

To follow our ongoing progress in the development of EMERALD, check out the EMERALD web site at EMERALD.asu.edu.




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